Getting People Out of Jail - 24-Hour Jail Release Information

If you are trying to help someone get out of jail, call now.  Most criminal cases begin with the arrest of a person accused of a crime.  Getting out of jail is the most important first step a person can take after being accused of a crime.   The attorneys of Nichols & Gill, P.C. can assist in getting a person released from jail.  In Travis County (Austin, Round Rock), we can often arranged for a person to be released on a Personal Recognizance Bond 24 hours a day.  This can save you time and money.  In the surrounding counties, we can provide similar services


In Travis County after a person is arrested, he or she is transported to the Travis County Sheriff���s Office Central Booking located in the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center, 509 W. 11th St., Austin, TX  78701.  Booking someone into jail takes roughly an hour depending on how many people have been arrested at any given time.  The police officer submits an affidavit explaining why the officer had probable cause to believe a crime was committed by the individual.  This can take up to 24 hours for a misdemeanor crime and 48 hours for a felony.  A judge or magistrate reviews the probable cause affidavit and determines if probable cause existed to arrest a person.  The magistrate then sets bail amount.  Once the amount of bail is set, the entire amount must be deposited with the county or a bond may be posted.  In Travis County a magistrate is on duty 24 hours.  People usually see the judge (magistrate) within 12 hours of being arrested.  An attorney can expedite the process by waiving magistration.  This allows the bail amount to be set sooner and a bond to be posted.  

During this time criminal defense attorneys can speak to a person who has been arrested.   A lawyer can get background information about the person accused of the crime and specific information about the situation.  An office called Pre-Trial Services assists people in getting Personal Bonds.  Pre-Trial Services will interview most people arrested in Travis County, and confirm the person���s information and criminal history.  Often times an attorney in Austin will work with Pre-Trial Services to provide complete information to the Pre-Trial Services office.  In Travis County it is not unusual for the attorney to then approach the magistrate about signing a personal bond.

Typically, a bail bond company will post a surety bond for roughly 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount.  In exchange for this fee the bail bond company insures a person will appear in court until the criminal case has been resolved.   If the person fails to return to court, the bail bond company owes the county the amount of the bail.  Therefore, most bail bond companies require additional individuals to act as sureties.  These friends/family members are liable for the bond amount if the person does not return to court.  These bonds are referred to as Surety bonds. The main advantage of being released on a Personal Bond is saving the fee associated with Surety Bonds.  This money can be applied to the attorney���s fees for the case.  Additionally, an attorney can begin work on the case immediately.

A personal bond is a promise made by someone accused of a crime to appear in court.  If the person fails to attend a court date, the county can sue the person for the amount of the bond.  Travis County has set up a process whereby people are often released from jail on personal bonds.  Sometimes, it is necessary to retain an attorney before a judge will agree to this type of bond.  We credit this money against your initial retainer.  This saves money.  Additionally, it is often faster than finding people to act as sureties a bail bond company would require.  

Another alternative is to ask a judge to allow a person to deposit a percentage of the initial bond amount with the county, to insure a person's appearance in court.  This is commonly known as a cash deposit bond.  Again this saves money by avoiding the expense of hiring a bondsman. 

Lower Bond Amounts

In some cases a judge will agree to review the initial bail amount. This can be helpful in arranging the release of people accused of serious crimes.

Surrounding Counties

Hays, Williamson, Caldwell and Bastrop counties each have a similar process for people who get arrested and released from jail.  The attorneys at Nichols & Gill, P.C. have obtained personal bonds for clients in each of these counties.   We also maintain relationships with a number of bonding companies in each of these counties if posting a surety bond becomes necessary.